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Art has always been the conduit for revolutionary messages.

Suzi Quatro

Dave Mustaine, Megadeth

Artists and community healers have had to ascend above the fray for our planetary future.

Music combines a love for art and unbridled expression.

It's liberation in purest form.

I channel ancient West African rhythms, that brought blues' ancestors to American shores.

Modern-day rockers found liberation through West African

percussive call-and-response that was transfused into metal.

We blaze on, a fearless coalition.

I respect Alexis Brown.

Joan Jett.

"...the glue that set generations free of unnatural suppression. Rock’n’roll is political."

Suzi Quatro.

Betty Davis...

Marsha Hunt...

Poly Styrene...

Skin of Skunk Anansie...

Rosetta Tharpe, the godmother of rock herself.

OTEP, All I Could Bleed, Alekhine's Gun, Judas Priest, Living

Colour, Overthrust, Slayer and Soundgarden are formative influences.

So is Public Enemy.

Music is their weapon against injustice and painful realities.

Nicole Kali emerges to kick the status quo's ass.

Are you ready? What's YOUR message to the world?


The Goddess Is Here

Jinjer, Ukrainian Metalcore Band, Denounce War (3-23-22)

Revolution's Drums